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Vanessaparadi la seine and i midi, хайр энди шохрух текст песни

Oct 16, 2013 . Standard Tuning Capo 5 / Verse Am F She's resplendent, so confident C E Am La Seine, La Seine, La Seine Am F I realize I'm hypnotized Lyrics to 'La Seine' by Vanessa Paradis: Extra lucille quand tu es sur La seine, la seine, la seine Extravagante quand l'ange est sur La seine, la seine Jun 28, 2012 This is the English version of "La Seine", featured in the film "A Monster in Paris", and is sung by Sean Lennon and Vanessa Paris. I am not the.

I made this in hopes to compare both the French singer ~M~ and Sean Lennon's voice. I must say that i'm not as disappointed with how he sounds as I thought.

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